We’re back for the race season! – Recent Xccel Racing Updates

Xccel Racing is back for the 2015 racing season! During the winter time, we’ve been pretty busy getting things ready for the new year.

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First, our new website went live. We’ve added some new pages and functionality to make it easier for you to keep up with Xccel Racing and learn more about the development of the Velox SK1 chassis and SGM engines. We have our new online store, with new parts being added daily


In the real world, we’ve been at the track working with our customers developing our chassis and engines.  The goal has been to put as many race miles as possible,  in order to gather more development data for the upcoming race season.

We’re not going to be keeping all of that data to ourselves! The plan is  to be to use that knowledge to release new social media content to teach everyone about the Velox chassis, different SGM engines and how to best set them up.

So stay tuned! We have some really awesome stuff coming.


Check out our Facebook page and Twitter account to keep in touch with us. Most importantly, don’t forget to come by our pit area and say hello when we’re out at the track  We always love seeing fellow racers!

So, now you know what we’ve been up to! What have you been doing during the off-season? Let us know in the comments!

See you guys at the track!

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