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SGM Engines are the result of the hard work of Paolo Severi staff. It is distinguished by the high level of performance  and because of the extreme compactness (18 kg). Xccel Racing is proud to be able to  provide SGM engines for shifter kart racing on sprint, autocrossing, and road race tracks throughout the United States.

SGM 125cc Engines – Shifter Category

These are engines for the karting top category, CIK-FIA homologated, Racing 125 cc engine, 6 speed, reed valve, CIK-FIA homologated. Race ready complete with: chassis mounting plate, VHSH carburator, exhaust pipe, carbon fiber silencer.

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– SGM GA210


– SGM SL204


– SGM L198


– SGM SL208


– SGM FE2003


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